Tuesday 29 March 2011


Kit for the Duofold Centennial and International in Cumberland hard rubber. Kit have hard rubber parts, only. No metal parts. Instructions to fit provided. Barrel will be engraved near end with OF and Year of production. Just a lovely pen. Ask for price.

Monday 21 March 2011


Available for Pelikan model 100 sleeves, celluloid.

Will fit barrels with 10,90mm to 11,05mm external diameter, press fit, no glue.

Ask for more details.

Sunday 2 January 2011


During this year, 20011, the Ford replica pen will be available. First in the Standard size, short. The pen you can see here is a replica of the original Ford.

Ford pen have one of the most complex filling systems, and have the best in one pen, a self filling pen and a safety.

For this pen improvements were done and the normal leak, when the pen is closed was solved.

The other sizes will be available.

Other colors will dress this magnificent pen.

The nibs will be Sheaffer flat top, senior and junior sizes.

Monday 23 February 2009

Friday 23 May 2008

Customized Pelikan 100 N

Some details of Pelikan 100 N customization.
The red and black marbled barrel is not finished, so some of the making can be see.
Atention, these are not original parts for Pelikan 100 N, they are made form raw materials.

Samples of material used for Pelikan 100 N sleeves (bindes).

In a very short time will be offering customized barrels for the Pelikan 100 N and 100, 3/4 weeks.
Don't have a value for them yet.
A good thing is that there are no need to send the pen. Barrels are done to fit all Pelikan 100 N. All needed is to screw the nib unit and the filling system, and pen is ready.

Here you can see some samples of cellulose acetate used to make the Pelikan 100 N customization

Material used for the sleeves (bindes) on the Pelikan 100 N customization

These are the materials used.
Clear celluloid tubes and black celluloid for the ink deposit and section, and cellulose acetate for the sleeve.
Cellulose acetate will never be in contact with the ink. Celluloid goes inside the sleeve, so the piston runs only on the celluloid, and the ink will only be on the cellulid part.
Celluloid is glued very strongly to the cellulose acetate and will form a one piece barrel.

Pelikan 100 N customization final result

This is the final result of the work.
On the picture one barrel is not completely concluded.
Quite a striking result.

Friday 28 September 2007


The Pelikan 100N ( Magnum) was the first "100N" pen.
Inicial order for this model was made on 1935 and delivered on 1936 for the portuguese market.

Two versions of the model exist.
First one have EMEGÊ imprinted on the cap top with the Pelikan imprint also, and a darker tortoise sleeve, the second version of the model have the Emegê imprinted on the cap side and not on the cap top and a ligther tortoise pattern closer to mother-of-pearl.

On the enginiering this model is closer to the Pelikan 100 than to the Pelikan 100N:

1. shaft threads are the same like the 100;

2. turning knob like the 100, with a longer midle part than the 100N,but no kurling and streamlined;

3. a arrow is stamped on the turning knob like the 100;

4. on the first pens a brass colar can be found on the back part of the barrel, beneth the sleeve;

Just for example.

There was not a local production and all the Pelikan pens sent to the portuguese market were manufactured in Germany.

This is the big size Pelikan from the 30's and there is not an explanation for why this model was ment only for the portuguese market, further investigation must be done.

PELIKAN 100N 1950'S